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  1. woooo says:

    Hi I mod a list called swecw-list which if you google you will find. it deals with some of these topics from class perspectives…

  2. daniel says:

    trying to join the fight, but sitting at a computer, digging the use of modern tools to expunge other modern tools, ┬┐how can we win?

  3. vine says:

    enkidu, I know this isn’t the comments section but comments weren’t active for the blog posts. Just wanted to say that a totally agree with your last post regarding the eviction of the forums. I left them voluntarily the other day. As you say, if this is what this is like online what on earth would this movement look like in flesh and blood. After you left, this notice got put up by that areshole michnele:

    “In the next week or so, the mods will be doing a major overhaul of the forum.

    Honestly, people who support Derrick are all sick of hearing everyone talk shit about DGR.
    Anyone who posts disrespectful attacking crap will be banned.

    If you see or have seen any jackass posts, please send one of the mods a PM about so we can:
    a) delete the post
    b) ban the person who posted it.


    Rather than a credible environmental resistance movement, I’m reminded of despotic governments silencing their critics one by one. I wish the DGR well, honestly I do. I just think it sad that these power hungry nutters at the top of the DGR hierarchy are the one to bring the whole group down, rather than anarchists and people with critique.
    Anywho, thanks.

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