Occupy / Decolonize

Occupation of buildings

Widely varying degrees of success and experimentation. Some have confounded bank bureaucrats, some have been descended upon by police with assault rifles. With the Winter coming on, moving indoor seems like the obvious adaptation. Will the movement be able to hold momentum til Spring?


In various locations, particularly Oakland, there have been moves to change the name of the movement to include “Decolonize”. Many that spoke on this topic in the assemblies brought forth indigenous, POC, and @ perspectives. Far from a mere semantic squabble, this discussion is about marginalized voices speaking out.

Port Shutdown

Partial and total shutdowns across West Coast. Solidarity actions in other cities and Japan. Leaders of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union spoke out against the shutdown, but ILWU rank-and-file chose for themselves whether to participate. #1 objection: “What about the short-haul truckers?”

General Assembly

People’s assemblies have been developing world-wide for a decade. The consensus process developed in the initial stages of Occupy Wall Street quickly became the blueprint for the movement. Some aspects of the GA have been criticized by anarchists, such as the “people’s microphone” in which one repeats words with which one might take issue. As the process spread, a plurality of hand signals have arisen as a form of silent communication.

The Occupy Boston Anarchist Alliance has called for neighborhood-based general assemblies. Neighborhood assemblies have been used recently in Athens and as early as the 2001 Argentian uprising. Neighborhood assemblies are forming in Portland and borough assemblies in New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & Staten Island).

Conflict resolution

Park occupations

Traffic stoppage

This has been attempted in a few cities and has drawn sharp criticism for its potential to strand emergency traffic

Other features of Occupy

Last updated December 23, 2011

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